This project is based on the GitHub user repository page. It is a simple web application that displays the user’s profile and repositories and gives you the opportunity of search repositories by user and repo name using the GitHub API.

The application was created with the following technologies: React TypeScript GitHub API Styled Components

Planning on Figma

Figma Web Desing

All my challanges and solutions and also a TODO list and a Resource page can be checked in my Notion using the following link: Notion

To run this application you need to install the dependencies using the following command:

npm install

To after that you should go into the client folder and run the following command:

npm start

Than you go into the server folder and run the following command:

npm start

The application is running on the localhost:3000.

(deployed using Netlify)

Future improvements:


Authentication with GitHub




This was a great project. This is the first time I have worked with Typescritp and I am very happy with the result. I will continue to working on it and improve it.